Tanzania, Land of Wonders
An epic trip. we move slow close to nature on a safari that starts already after the first night in Kutoka Lodge, Arusha. We travel via Lake Natron, through one of Tanzanias many wonders, Serengeti. We get to know local life in Mwanza at the great Lake Victoria and we end our trip at Zanzibar. The tour is done in partnership with Afrikaresor and Tarakwai Safaris. A deeper experience that takes you closer to people - the maasai whose home land we will be crossing.
Life in MWANZA, at the shores of Lake Victoria, it is exactly that- LIFE. I never feel that alive as when I move on the African continent and then especially in Tanzania and Mwanza that has become my second home. The people, the landscape, the smell of smoke, the hustle and the friendliness is what I long back to already the moment I leave. The unpredictable. The contrasts. To not know what to expect. The hakuna matata - there is no problem that cannot be solved. Life happens in the streets, in the harbour, in the market. The center is crowded, intense. An experience to try out is going with the daladalas, the local minibuses. They are often crowded, baskets with market goods is sent between hands, so also money for the ticket. Children are taken into the lap of a stranger if nowhere to sit. The conductor (konda) is hanging out through the open door shouting out the stops. A trip to Tanzania you'll never forget. Because it is not like anything else and you will return to your memories time after time. You will smile, thinking about all the friendly people you met, all the encounters with the wild animals, the captivating landscapes. The contrasts, the sounds, the colours. From the intense buzz on the streets to meditative silence on the plains of Serengeti and the shores of Lake Victoria. /Lena Johansson, tour guide Photo:@togetheronadventure
The sense of wilderness
The accommodations we offer together with Tarakwai are carefully chosen and lodges with less ecological footprint, simple, attractive, and cozy. On the wildlife safari we stay in eco-lodges and eco-tented camps. Eco, in the sense of natural building materials, solar power, and recycling of water. The tents are comfortable, with real beds, en-suite bathrooms with either normal or eco-flush toilets, and overhead hot water showers. Semi-outdoors sitting areas where you can watch resident animals occasionally passing by. Meals are served, from breakfast to a la carte dinners. Add to that some amazing views in the middle of the wild and the sense of being one with the wild. It´s priceless!
The road to Serengeti
Day 2 -3 We enter our journey and we move along the Great Rift Valley Escarpment to Lake Natron and the volcano Ol Donyoi Lengai. A place that offers spectacular almos surreal nature scenes (picture below). We will do a short hike to Ngare Sero where we unexpectedly are met by green lush landscapes and a waterfall. Our place for the night is Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge is located on the road to Serengeti, close to the foot of the volcano and Lake Natron and it is our choice for the second night. The lodge is actively working for eco tourism, responsible travel and conservation. Here in the heart of Maasai land and unspoiled wilderness you can sense a standstill of time. A perfect place to relax and contemplate all the impressions from the day.
Serengeti, a natural wonder
Day 4-7 We enter Serengeti. The name derives from the maasai word siringet, and means never ending land. You can easily get that impression looking out on the vast plains. The national park is a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1981. Serengeti offers varied landscapes and great opportunities to spot all the animals. Our guide/driver knows where they move and when.
Zanzibar, the spice island
After spending two days in Mwanza with sunset cruise at the lake, city walks and local community work, we will fly across the country to Zanzibar where we stay at Zanzistar lodge in Jambiani village. Here we can do dhow sailing, snorkling, spice tours, walks in the village and ve will visit the magical Stone Town. We will get familiar with Marine cultures and their support projects and marine conservation. Add to that sunbathing and swimming! All optional.
An experience taking you closer to authentic Tanzania
New trip in February 2025. More info coming up shortly. Our partner in Tanzania is Tarakwai Safaris, a tour operator that places high importance on community based tourism and support, sustainability and conservation. Tarakwais' guides are highly knowledgeable and skilled in spotting wildlife.