Deep Morocco
There are millions of reasons to visit Morocco. We have all heard about Marrakech with the magical square Jemaa el-Fna, and we can assure you that the reality beats all descriptions. But there is more! Fes with its UNESCO listed Medina (old town), bohemian Essaouira, blue village Chefchaouen, sunlovers' and surfers' paradise Agadir. Add to this, coastal towns Tanger, Rabat, Casablanca.  If you are flying into Málaga you can catch the train to Algeciras (around 4 h) and from there the ferry to Tanger (1,5 h). Of course, you can choose to fly directly and then Marrakech or Rabat is a good starting point. And we have not still mentioned the people, their friendliness and...the food.
MARRAKECH - is a true explosion for all your senses. Here we will give you some tips on places you will not normally find in travel guides. Atelliers d'allieurs gives hands on workshops with Marrakchi maalems (master craftsmen) in their studios. You can make your own pair of babouche slippers or follow a course in tadelakt (plaster), basketry, pottery or cooking. It’s an opportunity to meet the artisans and hear their stories. Something to eat? Henna café is more than just a cafe, it is a registered Cultural Association providing a multicultural meeting place, a cafe, a henna salon, a gallery of art by local aspiring artists. All of the profits are used to provide assistance in Marrakech in the form of community support. Chez Maazouz, another hidden gem in Djemaa-el-Fna, a beautiful restaurant with berber inspired decor on the middle floor and an excellent rooftop view. And of course, we have other hidden gems for you. Accommodation will definitely be arranged in a traditional beautiful Riad/Lena Johansson, tour leader, Kidu
A landscape full of surprises
The landscape is varied and we recommend a road trip once there. You can travel from the Atlantic coast to the Sahara Desert, through the mesmerizing Atlas Mountains, green lush villages and mountain passes. Pure beauty! And you will meet friendly local people along the way.
Trekking with nomads
The Transhumance - We will collaborate with Morocco GreenTours is arranging tours together with the nomadic berber tribe Ait Atta. We get to accompany them when they move through the Atlas mountains southwards. This is immersing into culture in a deep sense; sharing time, meals and tents with the nomads. We learn about their lifestyle and we move in a caravan. This for 12 days (and nights). We move slowly through a captivating landscapes on walking trails, through mountain passages, and we pass the Ozoud waterfall and Ait Bouguemez. These trekkings are done in September and in May when the families are moving back.
You stay 4 days (2 nights) with the berber family in the high Atlas Mountains. Greentours will pick you up from the riad in Marrakech and take you to your homestay and you can enjoy the landscape of the Atlas mountains during the drive. You will meet your host family, participate and help the nomads, by taking one of the daily tasks, to fetch water and fire wood. You get to admire the starry night of the Atlas Mountains, sitting around the fire sharing the evening meal, stories and laughter.
Itineraries for Morocco
The Transhumance with nomads 12 days, price: If 10 pax it is 945 €/person and with two 2 625 €/person. The family stay is 4 days/2 night (can be extended). Price for two is 350 €/person. These two tours are a real cultural deep dive into one of the oldest lifestyles on earth. Challenge yourself among a nomad family while participating in their daily life. Family stay price: For two 350 €/person. There are other tours as well, find them here: We can tailor your trip to suit your interests and wishes in collaboration with Morocco Green Tours.