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Kidu, a new
way of traveling.
founder & lead editor
Lena Johansson
With a work background in travel business, cultural anthropology and with a passion for traveling, an idea of inspiring to a more responsible and conscious way of exploring the world with the welfare of people, cultures and nature in mind. Tourism is tearing the resources of our planet but we should not and will not stop traveling. We can travel more conciously and with less climate footprint.

We all have our own wishes what we want our trip to be like. That´s why we tailor trips for solo travelers, couples, families, and small groups. When we travel slow and mindfully, when we immerse into the culture,  when we connect, we get a deeper and more authentic travel experience. This is what we want to make possible.

o you like to connect with people visiting your place? Give us a tip on places to go!
Would you love to...
give a glimpse of local life
share dinners and stories
show the hidden treasures
make memories and new friends.

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To meet
like equals
We believe it is possible to connect human values, equality and traveling. We do not compromise these values. Through meetings on an equal level and in a mutual interest we can develop an understanding for each other across borders and cultures. Exploring the world showing respect for animals, nature, and for each other is essential to us.

Our Social Impact
A part of the profit of sold trips is donated to Ni Hekima Pekee Organization (NIHEP) and their support work with children and young women in Mwanza, Tanzania.
For more info www.mwembeafrica.fi
A bit more
about us
We believe in travels that considers the environment and the places we visit. We collaborate with local entrepreneurs, guides and organizations at the destination. With us you can immerse into the local culture. We lift actions towards sustaining the environment and communities in our blog and on our trips. All our trips include local conservation projects and social sustainability projects.

Connecting travelers
with communities
We believe in connection. We offer travelers and hosts a possibility to communicate before the trip, to discover common interests and plan activities together. Or you can just dive in and see what happens at arrival.
Both hosts and travelers can share stories about their place or about the adventures on our page.
We are looking
for hosts & guides
We are looking for guides, hosts and local organizations who wants to collaborate. Somebody who has a genuine interest in showing her/his community to visitors or runs a local activity; activities aligning with our core values. Are you interested? Do you know a place or a person who could be of interest for us, throw us a call or email us!

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